Basic Feature:

- Our Dual Ended Tubes , can work only with compatible ballasts, is a replacement for fluorescent T8 lamps.

- The Dual Ended Tube does not work with magnetic ballasts. ( We Suggest To Always Bypass Ballast) 

- Designed to operate on existing ballasts with input voltage of AC120-277V, AC347V.

- Nano Plastic housing.

- Stable lumen output for different ballast brands with different ballast factors.

- THD less than 20%, Power factor more than 0.95.

- No UV emission.

- Reduces energy consumption up to 50%.

- Rated life far in excess of T8 fluorescent to minimize labor and cost to replace burned out fluorescent tubes.

- Contains no hazardous materials to eliminate disposal cost.


T-8 Dual Ended 4 Foot LED

Available Wattage
KVA Options
    Specification Sheet 

    Indoor Fixtures:



    Outdoor Fixtures:


    At LED Integrated® we are teaming with contracting partners to help their clients successfully position their future, securing long-term competitive advantages by intelligently linking the key factors of people, technology and adaptation. Business decisions made today determine your ability to compete tomorrow. By laying the groundwork to implement and use IOT “Internet of Things” technologies, your pioneering infrastructure solutions for the age of intelligent networks.

    LED Integrated works as a lighting partner to contractors, engineers, developers, municipalities, schools and government agencies. We provide a list of back room services including estimating, lighting design and rebate administration . We also provide custom orders integrating, battery back up and custom controls in the lighting, to help stream line the installation process.


    LED Integrated® introduces its

    First Generation fully integrated

    SLC-Series outdoor area light fixture. This Gen-One SLC series light is for off grid use. It has been developed to

    LED Integrated® will be introducing its second generation grid compatible light in the second quarter of 2020. 

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